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Measure CPU Watts with a Multimeter

I’m really into measuring things. Here is a video of me measuring power consumption of an Ivy Bridge Core-i5 and a Xeon 1245 V2 (roughly equivalent to Core-i7 3770)

The 19V-ish DIY powerbank

Ever wished yourself a power bank for your (non USB-C) laptop? I did lately, though I can’t complain with the 7200 MAh battery of my Fujitsu Lifebook s792. First I looked up some power bank cases like this, as well as some DIY charge balancing boards. These look like a pretty nice option for use […]

Testing DDR3 power consumption

Did a little power consumption testing of 6 different SODIMM DDR3 memory modules. Here are the readings of a Kill-A-Watt kind of device, measuring Watts on a Fujitsu Lifebook s792. – First reading is Watts at idle.– Second reading is average Watts while running MemTest+ 5.01. Hynix 1Rx8 2GB 10600-9-10-B1 (HMT325S6BFR8C-H9 NO AA)Idle: 9.6 / Load: […]

Chromium vs. CPU

Lately noticed my laptop fan laboring steadily when Chromium is open. Did some comparison, it seems that the start page (with Google on it) consumes about 4 threads each 35% CPU time…Pretty much the same as if watching a 720p YouTube video. Observed a very similar problem with Opera (again based on Chromium for what […]

Working for free, as if you were a GPU

Financial intermediary logic, courtesy of Nicehash: What you get is a % of % of what you give. But you don’t really get it, because now it is only % of the minimum %. Profit. So I recently mined a few days with Nicehash, mainly to test some water cooling setups. Using just two Radeon […]

One water block per mining rig?

Being the PC cooling freak that I am, I totally had to play with this. Namely – cooling a set of crypto-mining GPUs. The plan: shape a system of copper pipes into a single heat sink unit, providing 1x water input, 1x water output and multiple GPU interface surfaces.The result was the following module that can […]

How (not) to cool a video card

Note: I really don’t like pointing fingers at people about how they did something wrong. This was however too perfect a textbook case to pass by 🙂 Radeon R9 270 with a thermal pad. Priceless. So, a few days ago I got a used Radeon R9 270 from Ebay . The card was sold as […]